Riparian Habitat

Introduction to Riparian Areas HTML  
Healthy Streams HTML  
Watersheds Maintaining Watershed and Riparian Functions HTML  
Floodplains HTML  
Preventing Pollution in Streams HTML  
Non-point Source Pollution HTML  
TMDLs — Total Maximum Daily Loads HTML  
Horse Keeping for Clean Water HTML  
Can I Make My Cows More Efficient Through Modified Water Sources? HTML PDF
Grazing Riparian Areas in the Spring HTML  
Use of Cool Season Grasses for Vegetation Filter Strip Plantings HTML  
Managing Nitrate and Bacteria in Runoff From Livestock Confinement HTML  
Riparian Management Techniques Available in Written/Video Format  
Stream and Riparian Area Management WebsiteStream and Riparian Area Management Website: A self-guided tutorial covering strategies for managing stream and riparian areas.